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"Above all, with the time that I spent with her,
I know she is a good friend."
- Kuh Ledesma, Pop Diva


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" They are not (just) my fans anymore.
They are (also) my friends."
-Chona Velasquez


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"It's wasn't just the obvious
that draws me to her-
her talent, the great shows
or the recorded music ..

It's the special bond I can feel
she has with our maker. While many
of us spend most of our life trying
to reach God and do his will.
She was able to connect with him
a long time ago.

And you can feel it being with her.
It's there deep in her quiet eyes.
Say what you will about it
It's not only what I know I see
but it's shows in her words and deeds..."
            -Musik Friend


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I hear you
I feel you
and that is how I know
dreams go on ...

 - Regine In Black & White -

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"A true friend never stops caring."