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She's clearly the Diva for the New Millennium! Forget the
overstated 'Song Goddess of Asia' tag. Diva of the New Millennium is it!"
-Richard Roxas, Columnist



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"I been singing with Regine for the longest time
and she still amazes me. Even at her worst, her voice
is still impressive. She's the perfect singer."
-Janno Gibb, Top Male Artist

"She's an exceptional talent
who should be big worldwide.
I respect her great sense on."
-Jaya, Top Female Singer

"Everybody calls her a song-bird. But I call her 'the' singer."
-Isah Red, Journalist


"She's one of the finest song artists that the Philippines
has ever produced."
-Ryan Cayabyab, Top Musical Director



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"Regine is a local talent with a world-class caliber. Given the right break,
she could easily give other female international musical artists a run
for their money because she definitely sings better than most of them."
-Shirley Pizarro, Journalist

"Tremendous talent! As a performer, she still the sweet and unassuming lady
I met in 1985, the 'munting dalagita na Balagtas, Bulacan."
-Bernardo Bernardo, Actor-Director


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