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"when God gives us trials in life,
He has a reason. That's why
I never run away from trials"


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"I think I'm stronger now. Marami na akong napagdaanan.
And I get stronger with every crisis because I learn from my problems.
Before, I was scared that I would be powerless when it came to problems.
Kasi naman, you can't prepare yourself for these things.
We don't know our strength until there's a need for it.
Tapos when it's crisis time, kaya ko pala."

"My heartbreak made me a better person.
I was so plain before because nothing
was going on in my life. I was so clean.
Now I realized that pain can make you
a better person."


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It's the '90s and women are getting married in their 30s
because they're more career-oriented, which is good. I've talked to married
women and they tell me that I'm so lucky because I have a career.
I want to marry someone who will love me for what I am,
and I'll wait until he finds me,''


"Someone I can talk to, someone who will
accept me for what I am and what I will become, someone who will stay by me
and be my friend for the rest of my life!"


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"I like experimenting with my look.
Being an artist, it has alot to do
with expressing myself. I think being
an artist and being an celebrity gives
me the license to experiment with the
way I look, maybe a little more than other".
-Regine on her fashion and looks


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"Changeability is part of what makes Regine
so interesting. Each time I photographed her,
she has a different look. And she has very
definite ideas about that look. She's the one
person who knows what she wants and goes for it."
-Pancho Escaler, Regine's Main Photographer


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"I often like to change the way I look because I like to experiment.
I think I'm a very complex person. I hate it when people assume
that they already know me because there are different sides
to my personality. I'm a bundle of contradictions."


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