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-  F A N  I N T E R A C T I N G  -


Cool! Some fans just know how to party!!

regine01.jpg (29470 bytes)

A fan sitting in front of Pinky asked Regine to have a
picture with her.....Regine gamely obliged....

Good picture Pinky!              



Pinky also mentions:

"She was going around the ballroom
singing 'Follow the Sun'......when she was near our seat, some
people (including me) who have cameras took our turns in taking her
picture......she gamely posed for each one of us."

regine02.jpg (34084 bytes)

" Did anyone notice how the chairs match my outfit? "


Looks like it was a very enjoyable concert.
And I missed it.  *sob*  : (




Oh, oh..
there's that look again.


regine03.jpg (25305 bytes)

Somebody's in trouble. You been warned-
' Anyone showing up with flowers in their hands
is a prime candidate for a interview on stage.'
Roses without thorns is the preferred kind. hehe..

Love the teased hair.

Great pics from Pinky Camacho. Great work.
You just got my vote for fan of the month.



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